Our Bespoke, modern freezing unit allows us to produce a range of coated vegetable products such as Potato slices, Sweet potato chips, Reformed and Natural Onion rings with a variety of batter coatings such as : Tempura, Low salt, Hot & Spicy, Spicy Pakora & Chilli to suit customer specifications.

Fresh vegetable ingredient products are prepared, inspected and then coated with the relevant Battermix, Flash fried, cooled , re- inspected, Frozen , further inspected before being packaged and metal detected, palletized and transferred to Freezer storage area.

As part of our stringent Quality regime , Products are continuously organoleptically checked by the Frozen product QA team every hour throughout production to ensure consistent compliance to customer specification.

Our sister company — FOUNTAIN FROZEN Ltd, in Wisbech can supply other frozen products such as:
Honey glazed parsnips
Coated mushrooms
Natural & reformed onion rings

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